We are an outpatient facility providing individualized treatment plans that make you feel better, get better and stay better.

At Cedar Recovery, our mission is to solve the opioid epidemic and repair our communities by providing addiction treatment services that work.
We hold ourselves accountable to this and to our patients through our Cedar Recovery Promise.

We promise to…

  • Care for you as an individual because you deserve to be treated with respect.
  • Respect you by providing a clean and comfortable treatment facility with minimal wait times.
  • Work with you by providing individualized treatment plans that account for your life schedule.
  • Protect you by providing an atmosphere of safety, focused on confidentiality and respecting your rights.
  • Innovate for you so that you receive the very best care, even as treatment practices evolve.
  • Be accountable to you by using data and technology to ensure we deliver results.
  • Operate ethically for you by providing a level of professional care that adheres to industry guidelines and supports our promise to always treat you fairly.

Don’t Wait Any Longer…

The addiction crisis is real and it’s destroying lives, families, and communities. Unfortunately, the problem isn’t getting any better. At Cedar Recovery, we’re committed to solving this problem by dedicating ourselves to providing addiction treatment that works for you.

Maybe you’ve tried treatment in the past and weren’t successful. Maybe you’ve hesitated to get treatment in the first place because of concerns about the treatment process. Or, maybe you’re unsure if you even have an addiction problem. Regardless, we’re here for you, so take action now.

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